TRC MEETING MINUTES - March 21, 2019

30 members present

Bryan brought the meeting to order and recognized Wade Holland. It is Wade's 2 year anniversary of open heart surgery and we all applauded his great recovery and all he does for the club.

RRCA - Bryan informed everyone that we have 90 paid members and that the club roster has been sent in to RRCA.

EQUIPMENT- Bryan recommended that we use club funds to replace some of our old small water coolers with large capacity models that we can purchase through Coca Cola. It was voted on and passed.

RACE TIMING - Longtime member and race director Mike Lail is retiring from the running club, which will create a void in timing races. Bryan asked if anyone would be interested in timing races and there was quite a few that are interested in helping and learning how to do it.

CHICKASAW TRAIL - Bryan suggested that the club consider sponsoring a portion of the Chickasaw Trail between the Indian Village and the Natchez Trace visitors center. This would be done by doing routine maintenance on the trail to help keep it in good shape for all that use it. Bryan explained that he had been in contact with Greg Smith of the Natchez Trace Parkway and Greg is very much interested in partnering with us. It would require that a few of us attend a short safety training session before we could actually start work. Greg also explained that they have the resources and money to fix any issues on the trail, it's the man-power that they lack; therefore, this would be a win/win. Everyone thought this was a good idea and wanted to move forward with it. Bryan will get with Mr. Smith and setup a time for a safety in-service.

MARATHON - Bryan relayed that we now have 70 people signed up for the 14.2 and the marathon, which is ahead of where we normally are. He also mentioned that he and David Whiteside had driven the course earlier in the day and marked each mile marker with neon green paint.

AUTISM 5K April 27th 8:00 am @ Ballard - David Neilsen mentioned Civitan group would be helping out. He said he would need help with the start and checked to make sure inflatable/flags would be available. David said team donations was setup on Races Online. He also mentioned that Special Olympics would be next Friday, March 29th, at THS and he could us volunteers if anyone could help.

GUM TREE 10K (second Saturday of May) - Jennifer Martin discussed prep work, main bases covered. Registration is on track compared to years past. Currently working on awards for race. It was mentioned that $13,900 was donated to Tupelo-Lee Humane Society last year. A few people asked about doing a Triple Crown with Gum Tree, Jennifer said this had been mentioned to a couple other race directors, but no one has picked it up to direct it.

Dan Davis spoke about a spaghetti dinner for wheelchair participants, pushers, and families the night before the Gum Tree race. He said last year the cost was split between him and TRC. Dan said Adam had mentioned helping out this year, so the cost could be split 3 ways between Adam, Dan, and TRC. He asked if the club would be willing to do this. everyone voted yes to fund a 3rd of the cost for the dinner.

UPCOMING RACES/EVENTS - Kimberly Hitchcock, Esther Sanders, and Wade Holland are all running the Viking half marathon and Ben Scott is running the McKay Hollow Madness 25k at Monte Santo State Park in Huntsville, AL on Mar 23rd. Good luck guys!

OPEN FLOOR - Matthew informed everyone that Trails and Tread would be sponsoring a half marathon training group for the TRC 14.2 miler. He said training runs would start and end at Trails and Treads and would consist of running the course and then finish with coffee and donuts. Everyone thought this was a great idea and Wade even suggested that we move some of our Sat group runs to join this group closer to the race date. Murray informed everyone that the Flaming Fury Peach trail run will be July 13th at Cherry Creek orchard and will include an 8 mile option this year. He also added that Pontotoc running club members get a $10 discount on the race and that a Pontotoc running club membership is only $10.


53 members were present for the TRC Christmas Party. No business was conducted.


The 2018 TRC Officers, 2019 TRC Officers and Gum Tree Race Director met to discuss plans for the annual Christmas Party and transition plans for next year. Bryan Cooper brought everyone up to date on what the two race registration choices had to offer us and will continue to pursue the best option. David Branner, current Secretary/Treasurer provided next year's Officers with a list of tasks that will have to be assigned to someone.


31 members were present. David Branner informed everyone that the Tupelo Marathon generated enough money to easily fund the club for another year, but we are still waiting on the check from CVB. He also asked for someone to take over race director duties for the Autism 5K and David Neilsen volunteered. Adam Morris filled everyone in on the status of the Hope Continues 5K. Sponsorship and registration are up from last year and he reminded everyone that he needs people for course monitors. Several members volunteered.

Bryan Cooper led a discussion about equipment needs for next year but no decisions were made. He will get pricing and we will discuss again at our first meeting in 2019. He also provided details for the upcoming pub crawl. Additional TRC shirts should be available for purchase through our website very soon. Tentative plans were set for the club Christmas Party to be held at the Spring Lake Clubhouse on Thursday, December 6.

Nominations and voting were conducted for 2019 club officers since this was going to be our last business meeting in 2018. Bryan Cooper was elected President, Jennifer Lovern was elected Vice President and Rashni Barath was elected Secretary/Treasurer.

TRC MEETING MINUTES - Thursday, September 20, 2018

33 members were present.

David Branner gave an update on the Tupelo Marathon/13.1 Miler. Registration was up slightly for the 13.1 and down slightly for the Marathon. Proceeds are currently a little lower than last year because of the increase in rent from the BancorpSouth Arena, but we are waiting on Tupelo CVB's contribution to finalize the accounting.

Rhonda Brown led a discussion about the status of Blessed are the Peacekeepers 5K. She emphasized the need for volunteer assistance from the club.

Adam Morris led a discussion about the status of the Hope Continues 5K. Registration is slightly ahead of last year and he is encouraged by the interest from sponsors. The new course has been approved by the police department but will still start and finish at Fairpark.

Bryan Cooper filled the group in on changes for the Pub Crawl next month. It will be a hash-type run finishing at the Chili Fest. He also brought samples of long sleeve TRC shirts for sizing. Final options will be available for order with racesonline through our website page soon.

TRC MEETING MINUTES - Thursday, August 30, 2018

8 members were present to make final preparations for the upcoming Tupelo Marathon/13.1 Miler. David Branner, Race Director, led the discussion. There was no other business conducted.

TRC MEETING MINUTES - Friday, August 10, 2018

22 members were present.

David Branner updated the members on the upcoming Tupelo Marathon/13.1 Miler. Registration is slightly ahead of last year but it is doubtful either race will reach capacity and we will allow people to sign up at the packet pick-up the Saturday before the race. We only need a few people at packet stuffing because we won't put t-shirts in the bags again this year. Any volunteers who have not committed to a job are encouraged to assist at the start/finish area.

Charlie Morris stated that the Nightcrawler 5K was successful and thanked everyone who assisted.

Adam Morris said the Hope Continues 5K has a new course but will still start and finish at Fairpark. Registration is active and sponsors are already being collected. He also made a proposal for new TRC shirts. An email will be distributed to all members showing the options.


23 Members were present.
Gum Tree 10K.... Some sponsors haven't paid yet and we decided to wait to write the proceeds check to the Humane Society until we made another effort at collection.

Running With the King 5K....We have not heard anything more from the Downtown Main St. Assoc. so the proceeds from this race will be issued to the Boys and Girls Club.

Nightcrawler 5k ... Numbers are looking good for the race, but Park and Rec double booked Ballard, so we may have some additional traffic. Charlie is going to post a reminder for the event. Everyone, please share his post so we can get a good turnout!

Tupelo Marathon is a little ahead of where we were last year with numbers; however, the coliseum increased our usage fee by 50%, so this is really going to hurt us financially. Can you say "Old course for 2019"?

Pub crawl...we decided that we needed to be more consistent with our adult hydration. So, TRC Pub crawl will be held the FIRST FRIDAY of every month. Our next one is AUG 3rd!

Saturday group runs... There is a desire to have a group breakfast/coffee following our group runs. Brittany is going to work with Frank and try to figure out a time to meet. This is a fantastic idea! The challenge is there are so many groups going off at different times. Let's work something out.

Lastly...August running club meeting will be held at Bryan Cooper's house. It will be laid back with food, music, beer, and pool. I'll post more details closer to the date.


23 members were present for packet stuffing for the Running With the King 5K. David Branner gave a brief update on the status of planning for the Tupelo Marathon/13.1 Mile. All planning is on schedule and registration is about even with last year. He asked for some help contacting the water stop coordinators.

Charlie Morris gave an update on the Nightcrawler 5K. Online registration should be active by Monday. A new charity will have to be selected because Women's First is closing. Charlie will pursue a new group to benefit from the proceeds.

Brian Cooper initiated a conversation about the requirement that all posts have to be approved for TRC Facebook page. A discussion followed and it was decided that club members should have their posts automatically cleared. The coordinator for the Facebook page will look into seeing if this is possible.


Autism 5K Saturday, April 7 *David Branner

  • Need 5-6 volunteers to work the start/finish areas. Arrive by 7am.
  • 5 people raised their hands they would be there.
Gum Tree 10k & 2k Saturday, May 12 *Jennifer Martin
  • As of this morning 89ppl registered. Down from last 4 years.
  • Sponsors have been secured
  • Press conference will be Monday, April 9 with Mayor
  • Can Trails & Treads head up the 2K? Entertain kids (& adults) hold them at start line until race officials can come from 10k start to 2K and start the race?
    o TnT said yes
  • Social media posts will be ramped up from now until race day, please share these posts. Shares reach far more people than posts.
  • Posters and brochures are in!! Everyone take some with you and leave wherever you can: schools, dry cleaners, medical offices, work, day cares, restaurants, gyms, etc.
  • Volunteer sign up is on a clipboard that will be passed around.
  • Packet stuffing: We will not be stuffing shirts in bags this year. We will pull shirts and bibs as people come. This should help to make packet stuffing much quicker and packet pickup cleaner. Packet stuffing/pickup location has been moved to Renasant Bank in Downtown Tupelo.

Elvis 5k Saturday, June 9 7am *Rashni Barath
Rashni & Pam to have schedule a meeting with Tupelo’s Downtown Main Street association about the race and expectations by TRC.

New TRC Logo *Jennifer Lovern
New logo was chosen from 4 options from Master Grafix.

Hope Continues *Adam Morris
Adam announced to the club that a new course will have to be developed for Hope Continues.

Special Olympics *David Nielsen
David needs help timing the Special Olympics track meet on Friday, April 6. 3 TRC members volunteered.

Gum Tree Pushers and Participants Pasta Dinner *Dan Davis
Dan would like to co-host a pushers and participants pasta dinner on the Friday before Gum Tree. Asked if TRC would cover $200-$400 (depending on participation) to help host. Vote was unanimous to help with this.

50K Trail Run
Bryan Cooper is in process of developing a 50k trail run to be held this fall at Tombigbee State park. Logo was previewed and found to be a favorable response.

Children’s Tumor Foundation *Sam Inman
Sam is raising money for Neurofibromatosis and is running to raise funds for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. If anyone would like to donate or run and raise funds there is a flyer at Trails & Treads and information on our Facebook page.


Vice President, Jennifer Lovern opened the meeting by telling everyone that the St. Paddy's Day Race would not be held this year due to a scheduling conflict with another activity by Regional Rehab. David Branner reminded everyone about the Autism 5K in April. He said that he would need 4 or 5 volunteers to help with the finish line and results. Jennifer Martin updated everyone about the early planning for Gum Tree 10K/2K and passed around a race shirt. A discussion was held about changing the club logo. No decisions were made and anyone with suggestions should pass them on to Jennifer Lovern to be brought up at the next meeting. Bryan Cooper presented his findings on purchasing a backdrop banner to use at club races. A decision on the club logo will have to be made before anything can be ordered. Secretary/Treasurer David Branner said that all current club officers are willing to serve another term and made a motion to vote them in as a group. The motion was seconded and approved by voice vote.


The current club officers and race directors met to discuss who would be available to continue in their duties for the upcoming year and where would we need new people. All recommendations will be brought up to the entire club and voted on at the next meeting.


41 members were present for the annual TRC Christmas Party. Secretary/Treasurer David Branner reminded everyone that signing up for the club and paying dues for 2018 would be done online through the website. No other business was conducted.

TRC MEETING MINUTES - Thursday, October 12, 2017

25 members were present. David Branner gave a report on last month's Tupelo Marathon/13.1 Miler. Registration was down, but we had a successful event with no major problems and made enough money to finance the club for another year. A discussion followed about potential changes for next year to improve the event and increase participation. No decisions were made.


21 Members were present. David Branner gave an update on plans for the Tupelo Marathon/13.1 Miler. Registration is down this year and it doesn't look like either race will reach its capacity. We will allow people to sign up if they show up in person at packet pick-up the day before the race, but we will not allow race day registration. It looks like we have plenty of volunteers to cover all areas. Packet stuffing will be done different this year and we will only need 6 - 10 people for next Thursday. Charlie Morris thanked everyone for helping to make the Nightcrawler 5K a success again this year.


31 Members were present. David Branner informed everyone of progress on the upcoming Nightcrawler 5K. Charlie Morris will be the race director and needs a lot of volunteers to assist in this race. David also filled everyone in on the plans for the Tupelo Marathon/13.1 Miler. We will be adding a water stop and are looking for a group to manage it. Adam Morris gave an update on the plans for the first annual Hope Continues 5K. Jennifer Martin has scheduled a press announcement to award the Gum Tree 10K/2K proceeds to the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society.

TRC MEETING MINUTES - Thursday, June 1, 2017

25 members were present to stuff packets and make final arrangements for the Running With the King 5K. Adam Morris was invited to make a presentation to the club. The local Komen chapter has disbanded and canceled the Race for the Cure. Adam said he is willing to serve as program director for a new breast cancer awareness run with TRC's assistance. It was approved by a voice vote. David Branner announced that he would be moving from Tupelo next month and someone else would have to assume race director duties for the Nightcrawler 5K. Charlie Morris volunteered and everyone agreed to help him.

TRC MEETING MINUTES - Thursday, May 11, 2017

35 members were present to stuff packets and make final arrangements for the Gum Tree 10K/2K. No other club business was conducted.

TRC Meeting Minutes - MONDAY, APRIL 3, 2017

David Branner reminded the group about the upcoming Autism 5K and the need for volunteers to work the finish line. Jennifer Lovern thanked everyone for their assistance in making last months St. Paddy's Day 10K/20K a successful event. The new finish line inflatable and starting flags were a big hit. Jennifer Martin brought everyone up to date on Gum Tree 10K/2K progress and passed around a volunteer assignment sheet. This is our signature spring race and needs everyone to help in some capacity.

TRC Meeting Minutes - Thursday, March 2, 2017

Brian Rucker and Jennie Bradford Curlee from the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau spoke to the group. They encouraged us to use their resources to promote our races and told us how the amount of advertising funds we get from them will change in 2018. Jennifer Lovern provided final details for the upcoming St. Paddy's Day race. David Branner told the group the new starting line flags and finish line inflatable were less expensive than initially thought and would arrive in time to be used for the St. Paddy's Day race.

TRC Meeting Minutes - Thursday, February 2, 2017

President Terrance Owens opened the meeting with the announcement of race directors for 2017. Jennifer Lovern will do the St. Paddy's Day 10K/20K. David Branner will do the Autism 5K, Nightcrawler 5K and Tupelo Marathon/13.1 Miler. Jennifer Martin will do the Gum Tree 10K/2K. Rashni Barath will do the Running With the King 5K. Terrance Owens will do the Green Street Mile and Rhonda Brown will do the Blessed are the Peacekeepers 5K. Secretary/Treasurer David Branner made two motions to make club purchases (a new finish line inflatable and new starting line flags). Jennifer Martin seconded both motions and they were passed with voice votes. Bryan Cooper presented some information on the Pikes Peak Marathon. David Branner and Jennifer Lovern provided information about an upcoming Ragnar Relay in Tennessee. There were 33 members present.

TRC Board of Directors Meeting - Thursday, January 5, 2017

President Terrance Owens, Vice President Jennifer Lovern, Secretary/Treasurer David Branner and Jennifer Martin (race director of Gum Tree) met. Discussion included recruiting race directors for 2017, purchasing additional race supplies and selecting an online registration provider. All items were agreed upon and will be put to a vote during the next TRC meeting.

TRC Meeting Minutes - Thursday, December 15, 2016

36 members were present for the annual Christmas Party. No business was conducted.

TRC Meeting Minutes - Thursday, November 10, 2016

23 members were present to nominate and elect officers for 2017. Pam Britt nominated David Branner for Secretary/Treasurer and it was seconded by Bryan Cooper. David Branner nominated Jennifer Lovern for Vice President and Pam Britt seconded. Pam Britt nominated Terrance Owens for President and David Branner seconded. All three ran unopposed and were elected by voice vote.

TRC Meeting Minutes - Thursday, September 29, 2016

31 members were present for the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Mike Lail talked about this year's Tupelo Marathon and presented a proposal to donate $2,000 to the designated charity - Women's First Resource Center. The motion was approved by voice vote.

TRC Meeting Minutes - Thursday, September 1, 2016

33 members were present and assisted in preparing race packets for the registered runners for the upcoming Tupelo Marathon/13.1 Miler. No business was conducted.

TRC Meeting Minutes - Thursday, June 14, 2016

25 members were present. Meeting was called to order by Vice-President Jennifer Lovern. She presented an update to the status of the TRC shirt order. Mike Lail discussed the upcoming Nightcrawler 5K and Tupelo Marathon. Registration is down in both races and several members suggested ways of increasing interest in future events. No specific proposals were offered and there was no voting. Mike also informed everyone that he would not direct any races next year.

TRC Meeting Minutes - Thursday, June 2, 2016

23 members were present to prepare race packets for the Running With the King 5K. No business was conducted.

TRC Meeting Minutes - Thursday, May 12, 2016

31 members and guests were present to prepare the Gum Tree 10K/2K race packets. No business was conducted.

TRC Meeting Minutes - Thursday, April 14, 2016

President Pam Britt called the meeting to order. 28 members and guest were in attendance.

Jennifer Lovern presented her findings on the pricing and options for TRC shirts. After a short discussion it was decided that an order form would be created and distributed at the next meeting to determine the level of interest.

Jennifer Martin provided an update on this year’s Gum Tree race status. A volunteer sign-up sheet was distributed and everyone was asked to list their preference on where they were willing to help. Race brochures and posters were available for distribution.

TRC Meeting Minutes – Thursday, March 3, 2016

President Pam Britt called the meeting to order. 35 members and guests were in attendance.

Pam Britt made a motion to authorize a $200 payment to Clark and Kim Province for their assistance in the preparation of the 2015 Federal Income tax forms. David Branner seconded and it was passed by voice vote.

Mike Lail gave an update on the upcoming St Paddy’s Day 10K/20K race and the Tupelo Marathon/13.1 Miler. Registration for the Marathon/13.1 Miler is much slower than previous years. David Branner gave an update on the Autism Run in April. Jennifer Martin gave an update on the Gum Tree 10K/2K.

Jennifer Lovern passed out the new TRC hats to all members who have paid 2016 dues.

TRC Meeting Minutes – Thursday, February 4, 2016

President Pam Britt called the meeting to order. 41 members and guests were in attendance.

All current club officers (Pam Britt - President, Jennifer Lovern – Vice President and David Branner – Secretary/Treasurer) were nominated and re-elected by voice vote to serve another term.

Pam Britt proposed switching to an online service for joining the club and paying dues. David Branner seconded the motion and it was passed by voice vote. This will be set up with racesonline but won’t be ready for a few weeks.

Jennifer Lovern made a motion for all members to receive a TRC hat when paying dues this year. Pam Britt seconded the motion and it was passed by voice vote.

Pam Britt also made a motion to provide a $200 donation to the Tupelo HS Track Team for volunteer assistance with this year’s Running With the King 5K. David Branner seconded and it was passed by voice vote.

TRC Board of Directors Meeting – Thursday, January 14, 2016

President Pam Britt, Vice President Jennifer Lovern and Secretary/Treasurer David Branner met with the race directors of TRC’s two largest races, Mike Lail and Jennifer Martin. Discussion included club registration options, officer elections, accounting fees and donations for race volunteers. Consensus was reached and all items will be put up for voting at the next meeting – Thursday, February 4, 2016.

TRC Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Christmas Party was attended by 31 members and guests. Food, fellowship and door prizes were the only order of business. Everyone was reminded that TRC’s first race for 2016 will be held in March.

TRC Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, November 3, 2015

President Pam Britt called the meeting to order.

Secretary/Treasurer David Branner distributed the proposed By Laws and Membership Application. After a brief discussion both were approved by unanimous voice vote.

Matt Macky and Chris Hutchinson with the Tupelo Mountain Bike Association were introduced. They are proposing a joint effort with TRC to put on a trail run as a way to raise money for trail improvements. After a brief discussion everyone was in agreement to try to find a way to make this happen.

Pam Britt gave a summary of her experience in the recent Tennessee Ragnar relay race. Several members expressed interest in putting together a TRC team for a future event. It was suggested that anyone who is interested should go to the website and learn more.

A tentative date for the TRC Christmas Party was proposed – Tuesday, December, 8.

Race Director Mike Lail reminded everyone that the Club’s next race would be the St. Patrick’s Day 10K and 20K on March 12, 2016.

Vice President Jennifer Lovern made a motion to adjourn the meeting. David Branner seconded and the motion carried.